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BPM-iB04 Luxurious Baby Cart

Top Grade Hospital Baby Cart

  • Model: BPM-iB04
  • MOQ: 1
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BPM-iB04 ABS Hospital Baby Cart


  • Being made of ABS engineering plastic material by injection molding, with good impact resistance and chemical resistance;
  • Baby basin adopts imported food-grade pp environmental protection materials;
  • Air ventilation design of baby basin, with air flow guide slot and straight through round hole;
  • Waterproof sponge pads.Easy to clean and comfortable;
  • Aero-high strength aluminum alloy material column, with high quality electrostatic spraying technology;
  • Universal ABS push in the left and right direction, also for the anti-collision function of the whole vehicle;
  • Stable pneumatic lifting system, including precise bead discharge stroke, high quality air cylinder to ensure safe lifting, adjustable height of 800/950mm is convenient for mother-infant communication;
  • Micro tilt control, pneumatic structure of adjustable 0-12 ° angle, to prevent the baby vomiting after eating;
  • Double-sided medical silent caster and double brake.Nylon (PA6) material, its excellent oil resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance guarantee the service life of the foot wheel.The wear-resistant TPU is adopted as the wheel surface material, which has the characteristics of excellent oil resistance, water resistance, drug resistance and mold resistance;
  • Three colors are available: pink, green and blue;
  • Maximum load capacity is 50 kilograms.


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